For many years of running a car rental company, we have met with a certain group of frequently asked questions. Below we will try to answer the most popular.

When should you consider short-term vehicle rental?

For companies:

  • Occasionally you need a car for your employee. In such a situation, it is not profitable to keep many cars permanently, it is more advantageous to pay for the rental for the actual time of using the vehicle. Each time you can adapt the vehicle to a specific need.
  • In your business, you occasionally need to transport a larger amount of goods. Then it is worth renting a delivery vehicle. The maintenance of such a vehicle is very expensive, therefore the rental reduces the costs of the project to a minimum. It is very common practice to rent a bus to trade fairs.
  • Many companies operate seasonally. In times of increased workload, it is most profitable to rent a car for a specific project.

For private persons:

  • While on vacation, especially when our car was left at home, and we hit the region worth visiting by plane or train.
  • If our car has been damaged and the garage is repairing it, we don’t want to be forced to go public. Remember that if the damage was caused by another road user, the perpetrator will pay for the replacement car rental. We don’t have to use a bad car proposed by the garage, we can rent a car from an independent car rental company, as long as it is of a similar class.
  • Sometimes a short, occasional getaway or a holiday trip with a larger group of friends or family may turn out to be cheaper and happier if we rent a larger, e.g. 9-seater car than driving two small ones.
  • If we do not have a car and a few people want to leave the city; the cost of 5 train or bus tickets may turn out to be higher than the cost of renting a car. Not to mention feeling independent of timetables or designated stations.
  • Our car is not looking good and we have to go to an important meeting and we want to make a good impression.
  • We have a further journey ahead and we are not sure about the technical condition of our wheels.
  • It is enough to count well to come to the conclusion that it is not profitable to have your own car just to occasionally go out into nature or visit your aunt. The cost of maintaining a car, even if it is used occasionally, is serious. They include not only the costs of purchase, insurance, but also the necessary services, repairs, or parking fees, and above all the cost associated with the annual decline in the value of our car (unless we have a class O relic) ..

When to consider a long-term rental?

  • We run a company; would it not be better to allocate resources and manpower to its development and core activities of the company, bringing specific profits instead of spending them on buying or leasing (depositing) a car.
  • If we rent a vehicle in a long-term rental, we will lose unexpected costs related to repairs, servicing, liquidation of traffic damages, keeping the fleet in good technical condition, replacing summer tires with winter tires and vice versa, with their storage and employing specialists to carry out all these operations . Not to mention the hassle of maintaining your own fleet that bothers bosses and distracts you in the decision-making process.
  • Prices for long-term rentals (1-3 years) are much lower than for short-term rentals and we always get the same invoice. No surprises.
  • You can drive a new, reliable vehicle every year and one that is necessary at a given moment of the company’s development. In the case of leasing or credit, we are tied to this specific vehicle for its duration, minimum 2-3 years.

Where to find car rental deals?

  • preferably in the internet, the information is more complete and before we call the company (often it is not necessary – online reservations) we know the prices and conditions. Just enter, for example, car rental Wrocław in the search engine, to get access to most of the rental websites,
  • on city information websites,
  • in the telephone books under the slogan – rental cars, although we look here less and less and companies renting vehicles invest less and less in this form of advertising.

What should you pay attention to when selecting a rental shop?

  • Of course, the main criterion will be the price of the car rental. However, it is worth considering whether we really want cheap or rather we care about spending our money wisely. We can probably rent a dilapidated old one, no insurance I have a car at a very low price and even get to my destination, but is it worth taking such a risk? Therefore, after checking the price, it is worth asking about the age of the vehicle, number of kilometers traveled, whether it is under warranty and insurance. Remember that in all rental companies the price, in addition to the car class, also depends on the length of the rental. Therefore, let’s not ask how much per night, but how much a day costs, preferably a specific class of vehicle, when renting, for example, 3 or 14 days depending on our needs.
  • The next criterion should be the total cost of the service we want to receive. And as I mentioned before, check what is included in the rental price (kilometers, insurance or an additional driver, if applicable).
  • Let’s check what is our liability in the event that the rented vehicle is damaged by our or someone else’s fault. There are car rental companies that charge the customer even if the damage was caused by another road user.
  • It is worth getting interested in the procedure of delivering the vehicle to the customer. It may happen that you leave the rental company satisfied with the quick and hassle-free procedure, and after returning, you will face a problem or the damage that the rental service found in the returned car occurred when you were using the vehicle, or much earlier. My guess is that in such a case you will regret that the procedure of handing over the car did not take 10 minutes longer and the report of handing over the vehicle with defects marked on it was not prepared.
  • Ask what the expected consequences of being late are, so you don’t be surprised by the cost of the next night after half an hour of being late. There are rentals that allow you to be late even a few hours without charging the daily rate.

General Rental Conditions and the contract?

Once you are satisfied with the proposed car, price, general terms and conditions and you choose the rental company, do not forget to read the rental contract before you get into the car, if only to check if the information you have received is such as the General Rental Conditions. Sometimes it can be difficult to get to know them, because some companies do not include them on their websites and print them in very small or faint print on the contract, or use both. It is worth knowing them to be able to follow them and not expose yourself to additional costs.

What is a deposit and what is it for?

  • The deposit is the amount each car rental company requests. Its amount depends on the rental company and vehicle class. For example, in Wrocław rental companies it ranges from PLN 500.00 to PLN 2000.00.
  • The deposit is a financial security in the event of damage to the rented vehicle, delay in returning the vehicle, unauthorized extension of the rental, lack of fuel when returning the vehicle and in the event of damage to the car rental company as a result of the tenant’s careless or malicious actions.

Forms of collecting a deposit?

In network rentals, a deposit is usually only allowed in the form of a blockade on a credit card. At local rental companies, the deposit can be collected or secured in various forms.

  • Paid in cash; this form is used by few car rental companies. In a situation where the customer does not have a credit card, the rental company may agree to this form. However, in such a situation, many rental companies request a higher amount or additional documents that make the customer credible, such as, for example, a certificate of employment or documents proving business activity. You have to understand that you are getting a valuable item for use and the rental service wants to know if they can trust you. This is to protect against damages where the customer’s liability exceeds the agreed amount of the deposit, such as e.g. vandalism, refusal to pay compensation by the insurance company due to customer negligence or as a result of breaking the law.
  • Paid by bank transfer; most often used in relation to reliable companies and customers. In such a case, it is known that under the rental agreement it will be possible to claim compensation for damages exceeding the amount of the deposit in the above cases.

What is the deposit block on my credit card account?

  • Blocking the deposit does not cause any financial traffic on the customer’s card account and does not charge it. The funds in the amount of the deposit are no longer available to the customer for the duration of the vehicle rental. This is done in two ways, via a credit card terminal or by voice using a telephone and a card copying device, popularly known as an iron.
  • Make sure that the card we have is a credit card with a credit line granted by the bank. People often confuse payment cards with credit cards and after arriving at the rental, it turns out that the card is not suitable for making a blockade called pre-authorization.
  • If you are sure that the card you have is the so-called credit and not a payment one, it is worth checking what limit is left on it and whether it is enough for the deposit.

Advantages of a credit card locked deposit?

  • the most commonly used security feature. In addition to convenience, it brings measurable benefits to the customer. Often, the card is associated with additional insurance against damage to the rented vehicle; in this case, we are completely exempt from liability for damages.
  • The fact of having a card facilitates the car rental procedure, because you can make a reservation online, you can extend the rental without having to show up at the office.
  • Having a credit card (not to be confused with a payment card) gives credibility to the customer and if you have one, it is unlikely that you would be refused to rent a vehicle.
  • There is one more important aspect that determines the superiority of security in this form; in many car rental companies, we can return the vehicle after working hours and we do not have to come back later to collect the deposit. The car rental company will release the lock without our presence.
  • As the number of credit cards on the market increases, fewer and fewer rental companies want to take the risk of renting a vehicle to someone who does not have a card.

How does the deposit return?

The obvious condition for the return of the deposit in full is to return the rented vehicle within the time specified in the contract and in the state in which it was issued to the tenant.

  • The deposit in the form of a blockade on the credit card is released at the end of the rental, without the customer being present.
  • the deposit is refunded in cash or bank transfer after the rented vehicle is returned. The return of the cash deposit requires the presence of the client, which may require a further visit to the rental company when we return the rented vehicle outside working hours, after dusk or very dirty. Rental staff must be able to inspect the vehicle.